Predictions of earthquakes registering over M5, Seismic Intensity 4: Until Dec.5, 2017

Earthquake Prediction Analysis Report
Delivery Date:Nov. 27, 2017
Predictions of earthquakes registering over M5, Seismic Intensity 4: Until Dec 5, 2017
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Based on the current “crustal movements, water level observations, and earthquake occurrence situations”, there is no possibility that an earthquake with Max SI6 or more will occur this week.

This week’s crustal movement: Tohoku

Large crustal movements were not observed. A major earthquake causing damage will not occur.
  1. As mentioned in last week’s report, “M4, SI2” quake occurred in Southern Fukushima. As the micro quakes continue to occur (181 last week) in Southern Fukushima – Northern Ibaraki, the possibility of a M4 class to occur remains high.
  2. Last week, 14 micro quakes occurred in Inland southern Akita. Same number of micro quakes continue to be observed for the last 2 weeks. The possibility of a M3-4 level quake to occur remains because small scale crustal movements are seen in the surrounding areas. However, since an anomaly is seen only in a single area, the possibility of a strong earthquake occurring immediately is low.
  3. Large crustal movements which look like they are facing each other are seen in Niigata Prefecture. We will monitor the daily crustal movement values closely.

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