Earthquake Prediction Analysis Report
Delivery Date:Aug. 7, 2017
Predictions of earthquakes registering over M5, Seismic Intensity 4: Until Aug 15, 2017
We will publish some parts.

Latest Earthquake Activity

  1. M5.5 at the prefectural boundary of Fukushima and Ibaraki.
    →M3-4 class earthquakes continue to occur afterwards.
  2. M4 class in Southern Ibaraki – Western Chiba area.
    →Small scale crustal movements caused by the increase in subduction pressure of the Philippine Sea Plate observed at Southern Boso Peninsula. Possible M4 class around the Sagami Trough.
  3. Frequent earthquake occurrences in Southern Kyushu.
    →Possible future M5 class.
    →Volcanic earthquakes frequently occurring around Sakurajima.

Latest Crustal Movement

  1. Due to the increase in subduction pressure of the Philippine Sea Plate, large crustal movements are observed around the Philippine Sea Plate Boundary of Kanto – Southern Kyushu area.

This week’s crustal movement: Kyushu

20170807_12 ■Large crustal movements seen before a major earthquake were not observed.

  • 607 earthquakes were observed in 1 week around Sakurajima, and earthquake activity is becoming more active than last week. Also, 149 volcanic earthquakes occurred from Aug.4 to 15:00 (JST) of Aug.7. Possibility of eruption is rising. Please stay alert.
  • -61 earthquakes have occurred within 1 week in west off Satsuma Peninsula, and “M4.0, Max SI2, Hypocentral depth 7km” quake was observed on Aug.4. From past data, the possibility of this leading to a strong earthquake is low but a same scale earthquake may occur within the following week.
  • In the waters around Yakushima where we have been paying attention from last week, on Aug.1 “M4.3, Max SI1, Hypocentral depth 25km” quake occurred. 23 small scale earthquakes have been also observed, and we will continue to monitor the crustal movements of this area.

【Data analysis 】
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