Earthquake predictions of magnitude 4 or more until May. 22, 2017:Earthquake prediction research center

Earthquake Prediction Analysis Report
Delivery Date: May. 22, 2017
Predictions of earthquakes registering over M5, seismic intensity 4: Until May 30 2017
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Latest Earthquake Activity

  1. Increase in the number of M5 earthquakes occurring in Eastern offshore of Hokkaido.
  2. Over 1,000 earthquakes continue to occur in the Pacific side of the Tohoku Region.
  3. Frequent occurrences of micro earthquakes continues in “Northern Ibaraki, Offshore Wakayama, Kumamoto”.
  4. Increase in the number of earthquakes in Hyuganada.
  5. Earthquakes registering over M5 occurred in NE offshore of Okinawa Main Island and Offshore Taiwan.

Latest Crustal Movement

  1. Middle scale crustal movement observed in “Toyohashi2”.
  2. Large crustal movement observed again this week in “Ioto2”.
  3. Small scale crustal movement towards “Hyuganada direction” observed in “Miyazaki”.
  4. Large northeastward crustal movement observed in “Chatan, Okinawa”.

This week’s crustal movement: Kyushu

20170522_12 ■Large crustal movements seen prior to a major earthquake were not observed.

M4-5 class earthquakes are predicted because the number of micro earthquakes with shallow hypocenters are increasing after the occurrence of a shallow M3 class earthquake in Hyuganada. Around Kumamoto, earthquakes occurred 472 times/week (3 weeks ago), 351 times/week (2 weeks ago), and 300 times/week (last week), as aftershocks of last year’s Kumamoto Earthquake. Also, the “cracks in the ground” observed in 58 locations of Bungo-Ono-shi, Oita are likely effected by last year’s Kumamoto Earthquake. As a result, the possibility of a M4 class earthquake to occur from Kumamoto through Oita area remains. * From the decrease of groundwater level observed a week prior to the Kumamoto Earthquake, and decrease of groundwater level observed in multiple points of Bungo-Ono-shi after the discovery of these cracks, they are presumed to be caused by the change in underground water vein.

【Data analysis 】
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