Earthquake Prediction Analysis Report
Delivery Date: May. 8, 2017
Prediction analysis of earthquakes M4 or more to occur by May. 16, 2017
We will publish some parts.

Latest Earthquake Activity

  1. The only earthquake registering over M4.5 in the last 7 days occurred in “Southern offshore of Boso Peninsula”
  2. Frequent occurrences of earthquakes with shallow hypocenters in Eastern Offshore Hokkaido.
  3. Earthquakes continue to occur frequently in Miyagi – Offshore Fukushima (648times/week), Northern Ibaraki (440times/week), Eastern offshore of Yakushima (168times/week), Kumamoto area (406times/week)

Latest Crustal Movement

  1. In the latest week, large scale crustal movement was observed only in “Iwo Jima”.
  2. Small scale crustal movements observed in Aomori and Iwate.

This week’s crustal movement: Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku

20170508_12 ■M4: Offshore Wakayama area (SI 2)

Although “M3.6, Max SI2” earthquake occurred on May 3 in “Eastern Kochi”, the possibility of this leading to a stronger earthquake is low, presuming from the observed crustal movement values and change in groundwater level.
*This quake may have effected the temporary drop of groundwater level observed at “Godaisan, Kochi” from end of Mar.
“May 5, M3.7, SI2” earthquake occurred in Ehime, where normally earthquakes are rare. Fairly deep M7 class earthquakes called the “Geiyo Earthquake” occurs in a 50-year cycle around Offshore Matsuyama, Ehime, but because the epicenter of this earthquake was in an area where a strong earthquake has never occurred in the past, and with the Median Tectonic Fault Line presumably stimulated by the Kumamoto Earthquake, we will keep close watch over future crustal movement and earthquake occurrences.

【Data analysis 】
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