Earthquake Prediction Research Center and Natural Disaster Research Center collaborates with overseas research institutions such as Indonesian climate and climate physics institutions (BMKG) and analyzes observation data before disaster occurrence.

At the Earthquake Prediction Research Center and Natural Disaster Research Center, we are planning to complete the “Data Platform before Asian Disaster Reduction” through this research and contribute to disasters in Asian countries.

International Collaborative Research

Due to global warming, damage from various natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and floods is increasing year by year.
In the 20 years from 1983 to 2012, “natural disasters caused 2.3 million deaths and economic losses to 260 trillion yen”, damage occurred, about half of which occurred in the Asian region.

In order to improve the accuracy of data analysis, more data collection is required. To that end, the Earthquake Prediction Research Center concluded a joint research with the Government of Indonesia and jointly established “EPRC INDONESIA” with the Meteorological Climate Geophysical Agency, Geospatial Information Agency, Bandung Institute of Technology Disaster Prevention Research Institute etc.

Since 2000, the earthquake of M 7.5 and above occurred five times in Japan and 22 times in Indonesia. Indonesia is an earthquake-prone country with more than 4 times the number of occurrences in Japan, and the total of dead and missing people has suffered tremendous damage of over 350,000 people.

Earthquake Prediction Research Center and Natural Disaster Research Center are promoting data analysis in Indonesia to promote the development of a system that provides warning information that can contribute to disaster prevention not only in Japan but also in Asia.

Purpose of international collaborative research

Indonesia and ASEAN, promotion of disaster reduction research on natural disasters, training of disaster prevention researchers

1. Establishment of ASEAN’s natural disaster data + observational data analysis “data platform”
In the future, it will be the de facto standard of “data platform” on natural disaster data throughout ASEAN.
For that purpose, we will complete “data platform” which integrates data currently analyzed by EPRC and Indonesian data.

2. Disaster prevention institutions and researchers share the above “data platform” to facilitate the utilization of data for disaster recovery research.
Disaster prevention institutions and researchers in Japan, Indonesia and neighboring countries can use this “data platform” easily to acquire variously integrated natural disaster research data and verify the correlation of each data.

3. Create disaster risk criteria based on ‘Natural disaster and data correlation verification’ with researchers from disaster prevention related institutions in Indonesia and researchers in Japan
Invitation of Indonesian researchers such as BMKG, BIG, ITB etc to Japan, dispatch EPRC researchers to Indonesia.

4. Automatic data integration analysis using artificial intelligence and completion of ‘ISACO’ by 3-dimensional visualization
In addition to being unpredictable when natural disasters occur, automatic acquisition of data and analysis of abnormal values ​​can not keep up with human processing, so AI analysis by joint research with 9DW Co., Ltd. will be carried out.
*ISACO:International Surface Artificial intelligence Communicator